Sunday, March 20, 2016

All the Puzzle Pieces are Falling into Place........

Sometime I think when things come together you have to go with it, as it was with our decision to move from Florida and make our permanent residence in North Carolina.  We found a home that was is essence “Just what we have been looking for”…it had the location, the style and all of the items on our wish list…I bet HGTV House Hunters would have been impressed…we were also fortunate to be able to find a buyer for our home in Florida in a very short period of time so it looked as though the puzzle pieces were all falling into place….


From here------------------

To here-------------------
                       (646 Miles)

I have to say from being a “Flatlander” for most of my life that moving into a house on a hill, with stairs was a challenge…let just say that if we ever decide to move again we will be selling a furnished home!!!

Saying goodbye to Florida was more difficult than I thought.......  The selling and buying seemed to flow, even the moving experience while it seemed monumental at times flowed as well.  So on August 27, 2015 at 2:00 in the morning my husband took off with Jeep loaded to the gilds with a cat, chickens and anything else we could stuff in it or on the trailer and headed back to North Carolina to start establishing our permanent residence and finish the purchase of our new home.  On the flip side, with my truck loaded down with the remnants of what we could not stuff in the 3 shipping containers or the 1 storage unit we rented BECAUSE WE HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF… I walked through for the last time, our home of 28 years to say goodbye, Bogie (Booger to Bud) and I then left to stay at my parents house where I was to make residence until all was finalized with the purchase of our NC home and I could work out my notice to the company I was currently employed.  

Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Change is on the Horizon

So while I was at the campground helping with the Rocky Knob Show & Shine, we happened to run across a home listing for a house that had just gone on the fact it was so new to the market the realtor had not had a chance to put up the real estate sign on the property.  It was also 3 miles down the road from the campground, so we call and scheduled a walk through.  Driving into the driveway the first thing that hit us (well we did miss it since the driveway was so big) was a big truck parked off to the side of the driveway with GMC on the hood.....uh oh, this could be sign.  I have a GMC truck that I love.......

We drove up the driveway (I mean up!!)  which I'm thinking at this point, "good thing we have 4 wheel drive on all of our vehicles".  Once we turned the corner and headed up to the house the woods opened up to a clearing that was stunning, which by the way was the first words that came to mind.  A log cabin in the woods, this is what both my husband and I have dreamed of on our trips to North Carolina and Tennessee in the past and here we were looking at a home that could easily be the perfect place for us.

Since it was the beginning of summer and the house had been closed up it was pretty hot on the main floor, of course the air conditioner would take care of that.....? What! no air conditioner!?!? Yes I know that it is cooler than Florida but I have never lived in a house without a air conditioner!!  OK, so I will keep an open mind...Gas heat!! these heaters look like the ones my Grandmother had....scary....OK, still keeping an open mind....the house had a nice open floor plan (got that term from HGTV) with the living/dining/kitchen area and 2 large bedrooms with a smaller office.....we then walked down into the basement....holy cow! it had to be 20 degrees cooler than the main level.  There was good potential for building out the basement and adding additional living are (also got the from HGTV, now I just need one of the designers to drop by and put this together).  After looking over the house it was determined that there was some fixing that needed to be done but both  my husband and myself have been big do-it-your-self-ers so that would not deter us if we found this house to be the one.  We then jumped into the Jeep and headed down to the pasture. Did I forget to mention that it came with 14.5 acres......yep more yard worked than you can shake-a-stick at.
Wow, this is kind a neat!!  Our own trail through the woods.  A little tree trimming (yeah right) and you have a canopy of what I imagine Sherwood Forest would look like.  Well all and all the trip was very successful but like most things I won't get excited because there are too many variables right now.....
First we have to get the right price (what we can afford)
Second we have to finish getting our Florida home ready to put on the market and sell within a reasonable time frame
And Third I have to keep my sanity while we go through the first and second must do's on the list....
Yeah that's never going to happen.......

Friday, January 1, 2016

And the Adventure Continues......

With the Rocky Knob Show and Shine behind us it is now time to start looking to the 2015 camping season.

Our first full season of camping brought a lot of new and familiar faces, from those who had heard about Durham Town Tellico opening just down the road and wanted to test their endurance and skills on the most challenging trails to those who have always found Crawford’s Campground a favorite for getting away from the phones, TV’s and Internet even for just a weekend.  For others it was the enjoyment of the back road riding that seems to have made the Murphy area the starting point for Dual Sport, Big Bikes and Jeep riders that are headed to the Tail of the Dragon or just a days ride over the Cherohala.  For more local scenic drives, Davis Creek was reopened after the forest service closed Tellico to ORV and made the trail more accessible to those who want the experience of off road adventure without the risks that are inherent to extreme off road riding. 
Also reopened is Tatham Gap Road, which was closed for several years due to areas where the road needed major repairs.  The roads are now in great shape, and the scenic views are spectacular.  A portion of it was called the “Old Army Road” which was the “Trail of Tears”; there are some markers that provide information about this part of the trail. The Forest service have also reopened some of the original Tellico Trails, but have made some changes that makes them more accessible to the non-extreme vehicles. 

So all and all our first season was eventful and rewarding….