Sunday, March 20, 2016

All the Puzzle Pieces are Falling into Place........

Sometime I think when things come together you have to go with it, as it was with our decision to move from Florida and make our permanent residence in North Carolina.  We found a home that was is essence “Just what we have been looking for”…it had the location, the style and all of the items on our wish list…I bet HGTV House Hunters would have been impressed…we were also fortunate to be able to find a buyer for our home in Florida in a very short period of time so it looked as though the puzzle pieces were all falling into place….


From here------------------

To here-------------------
                       (646 Miles)

I have to say from being a “Flatlander” for most of my life that moving into a house on a hill, with stairs was a challenge…let just say that if we ever decide to move again we will be selling a furnished home!!!

Saying goodbye to Florida was more difficult than I thought.......  The selling and buying seemed to flow, even the moving experience while it seemed monumental at times flowed as well.  So on August 27, 2015 at 2:00 in the morning my husband took off with Jeep loaded to the gilds with a cat, chickens and anything else we could stuff in it or on the trailer and headed back to North Carolina to start establishing our permanent residence and finish the purchase of our new home.  On the flip side, with my truck loaded down with the remnants of what we could not stuff in the 3 shipping containers or the 1 storage unit we rented BECAUSE WE HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF… I walked through for the last time, our home of 28 years to say goodbye, Bogie (Booger to Bud) and I then left to stay at my parents house where I was to make residence until all was finalized with the purchase of our NC home and I could work out my notice to the company I was currently employed.  

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