Friday, October 9, 2015

Best Laid Plans

I think by the time I got home that night my husband and our now "partner in crime" had already been discussing when they were going to go to see the campground first hand.  The impending trip would be soon......very soon.  What could it hurt I thought, the campground had been closed for about two years which meant lots of rebuilding and no matter what the cost up front it would probably be a money pit and they would come home counting their blessing....

Not so much.....what they encountered was a beautiful well loved campground in a valley about 1850 feet in elevation surrounded by unblemished mountain views that boasted spectacular sunrises and sunsets.  I believe the word used numerous times during the short visit was "unbelievable".

After some very intense soul searching and several ups and downs we received notification that we were ready to close on the campground and make it a partnership between two families that shared a love for the great outdoors and wanted to make this little campground shine again as a place to "Enjoy all the beauty of the mountains without camping off the edge of the highway” .

So on August 9, 2014 we traveled in our perspective Motorhomes, Trucks, and Jeeps like a band of gypsies headed north to our "New Adventure"......Oh did I forget to say that one of us had to quit our job and take on the daunting task of running this little gem for a two month period to facilitate a "soft opening"......yeah my husband begrudgingly "NOT" retired from his position of 12 years to make the ultimate sacrifice and the dream happen.....

 Not that I minded too much, because after we arrived for the first time and walked the campground, and walked it again and again and again I began to say the same thing "unbelievable".

Two small creeks meander round the campground with one smaller creek running straight through.........It boasted 34 RV sites and 3 acres of primitive camping for those that like to sleep under the stars, and boy are there stars!!

Bunky 1 Campsite #45
Additionally there are three bunky's....oh my goodness these have to be the  most awesome idea for camping that I have even seen.  They are what we call camping in a cabin, roughing it is not really the idea that comes to mind since they all have air conditioners for the summer and heaters for the winter.  But......besides the bunk beds (one has a queen size bed) there are no facilities in the cabins.....yeah you have to walk to the bathhouse for those private moments.  As my daughter learned rather quickly, no cups of water for the kids before bed because it will require that late night, flashlight guided tour of the campground.
The campground also supports two bathhouses, one is located in the north side of the main office and the other is located between the primitive camping and RV sites.  Each bathhouses support  4 private bathroom facilities that includes a shower, sink and toilet giving campers a more private area for washing off the days grim or the mornings sleep.
Bathhouse #2

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