Sunday, October 18, 2015


Well I've heard of the stuff, never really thought about it much......saw something about it on the Discovery Channel a couple of times during an advertisement for a show called "Moonshiners" but again, never really thought much about it......

UNTIL......... the day my husband calls me from the campground, "hey honey, have you ever seen the show "Moonshiners", well yes, kinda, I think?????  So in great detail my husband tells me about the show, the names of some of the "characters" and that there are a few local celebrities in our midst.  Well as it turns out one of our new good friends and neighbor is cousin to one of the guy's on the series.
Mark Rogers
OK that's kind of my husband goes on to tell me that this local celeb stopped by the other night with our new neighbor and they got to talk'in........hmmm starting to feel a little deja vu.   So what does that mean for us I ponder.....

Well we have a campground that just reopened with lots of wide open space, we have local celebrities in the area that enjoy a good "get together" and when you put the two together you have the makings for a festival......and hence was born the "Rocky Knob Show & Shine".

So begins the preparations........


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