Saturday, October 10, 2015

So What's in a Name

During our soul-searching period we had tossed about names for the campground but decided to keep the original name "Crawford's Campground", it seems to beg us to keep it.
 We were also delighted to learn that the original owner and builder of Crawford's Campground, Steve Crawford lived right next door!! He has since become a very good friend and is a wealth of information regarding the history of the area and the history behind the campground which I hope to include in future posts.   

Both of our families had the opportunity to visit Crawford's Campground in its earlier days when Upper Tellico ORV was the mecca for "Jeeping" and off-road adventures in the Nantahala National Forest.  Today a few trails remain open Davis Creek Road/Tellico ORV Trail #1 for a low speed thrill ride for those who want to experience the off-road adventure without the risks.

So now we have a campground and a name, now we need a plan........


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