Saturday, October 10, 2015

Time to Roll Up the Sleeves

So now it was time to roll up the sleeve and start putting things in order, the campground needed a little (and I mean little) sprucing up.  Lawn care seemed to be the most labor intensive aspect of the campground since it features 11 acres of camping areas with a lawn that we could never in our wildest dreams have grown in Florida.......and it grows all by itself!!!!!  And just when you think you have finished mowing and trimming's time to start all over again.

Not my husband and not the lawn mower we use but the head scratching yeah I'm sure there was and still is a lot of that!!
So we spent a week taking care of minor repairs, setting up our own campers and motorhomes and learning about the new business we just bought and for some of us what would be our new home.
Setting Up Camp

Being in the middle of August we were also learning about the North Carolina summer but for some reason (maybe because I lived in Florida most of my life) it did not seem too hot but we also have air conditioners in our RV's so that was a definite plus. 

I think just about the time the ink was done drying on the contracts we signed, the final touches were in place to officially "Open for Business".  We decided that a soft opening was best for us and potential guests.  As most campers whether primitive tent campers or the RV'ers are painfully aware you have to have that "Shakedown Run" where you learn all about those little bleeps and blunders that can happen to you those first few times you venture out to your relaxing camping trip......and  being new campground owners we felt that same shakedown run would help us understand just how to create that wonderful camping experience for all of our potential campers.  We have a number of combined years of camping experience between the partners and it is our hopes that we can use that to help everyone else experience the rewards of camping whether for a couple of days, a week or longer and to promote the beauty that surrounds our New Adventure.


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