Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Our First Season

On March 2, 2015 we opened the campground for the 2015 season and our first season as owners; however driving up to our paradise in the north we soon realized that while winter left the southern regions of Florida in February, it certainly was not going to relinquish its hold on North Carolina any time soon and specifically our campground. 
 This is what greeted us when we pulled into the campground

I've heard of winter campers and thought that this would be an opportunity for those fearless individuals who were looking for the beauty of winter in a more quite and rustic setting.

Some of the fun of winter camping can be introducing your cat to snow for the first time.....
This is the extent of his adventure with the cold stuff later we found him in the bed under the covers (Florida cat)......

During this visit (on my part) we brought along one of our grandson's from Florida for his first adventure in snow.  His cousin had already learned the pro's and con's of winter and was ready to introduce them to his buddy.
Thankfully it was the last snow for the winter and gradually the temperatures began to return to a more tolerable one for the thin skinned Floridians.......but before it left we were treated to some "Winter Art".
Crystallized Foliage

Remnants of a Small Puddle

Ice Show at the Creek

This time I stayed for a week before heading south to warmer climes.  My husband stayed for the long haul to shake off the winter's dust, do some repairs if necessary and prepare to greet the new seasons campers.

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